Life is all about relationships!

LifeQuest Church believes that connection needs to happen not only on Sunday but throughout the rest of the week also. That's why we launched A2 LifeGroups. A2 LifeGroups are a small gathering of 6-12 adults that meet weekly for two hours to connect, grow, and build each other up by learning and applying biblical principles in a real & relevant way.

Check out the dates and times below of each of our A2 LifeGroups and simply email the group leader you'd like to join. They'll be so excited to hear from you!


TIME: 5:00pm
LEADERS: Chris & Linda Pinion
CONTACT: pastorchris@lifequest.church
LOCATION: Peculiar

"Honeymooners is for those that have been married for five years or less. We tackle marriage and parenting and what the Bible has to say about how to live that out".

TIME: 6:00pm
LEADERS: Bob & Lonna Anderson
CONTACT: royalsboy67@gmail.com
TIME: 6:00pm
LEADERS: Terri Cheesman
CONTACT: tbtd75@gmail.com
LOCATION: LifeQuest Church, Belton

"This Prayer-Group-turned-LifeGroup is for all who want to see our church, community, and our own hearts changed for the glory of God. All are welcome - eloquent and polished prayers NOT required!"


TIME: 7:00pm
LEADERS: Matt & Penny Mills
CONTACT: matthewandpennymills@gmail.com
LOCATION: LifeQuest Church, Belton

"We are an older set of believers who laugh a lot together.  We share life and prayer requests.  We study the Bible together and try to encourage each other to live more like Jesus."


TIME: 7:00pm
LEADERS: Chris & Summer Funk
CONTACT: sfunk565@gmail.com
LOCATION: Peculiar

"We go through difficult situations in life and cannot do it alone. We can learn together how to overcome life's difficulties with God's direction and help."


TIME: 5:00pm
LEADERS: Doug & Barbi Dzur
CONTACT: dougdzur@gmail.com
LOCATION: Grandview

Our group is especially meant for anyone needing to get up early for work during the week! We help each other on life's journey as we eat together, share, study the Bible, and pray. All welcome!

TIME: 7:00pm
LEADERS: Becky Luna
CONTACT: raluna61@gmail.com
LOCATION: LifeQuest Church, Belton

"We like to review the sermon from Sunday and discuss how to apply it to our personal lives. Hearing each other’s perspectives and learning from one another helps us build friendship and family."

Send us an email and we'll be glad to connect with you: hello@lifequest.church